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Second Life Looks

Two really interesting posts on how real world beauty standards are enforced on Second Life:

Real world physical beauty pressures in Second Life, at Cuppycake, and Un-idealistic avatars considered “griefing”? at Border House.

I’ve often noticed how amazingly skinny a lot of avatars on SL are, though thankfully have never witnessed any bullying of larger avs myself (and if it was my land, I’d be ejecting and banning people for it if I did!). Still, I’ve noticed my own av getting a little thinner over the last year, mostly for the simple reason of getting clothes to fit right.

Yes, as with RL fashion designers and their size 0 models, a lot of SL’s most beautiful clothing is made to fit people without noticable hips, or muscles on their legs. Tops are usually fine for me, but rarely do I buy a skirt that doesn’t require some stretching and moving around and fiddling with to make it look right on me, and rare are the boots that don’t demand I reduce the muscle tone on my legs. And my av is far from large. I’d just rather look healthy than eating disordered!

Here’s an embarrassing look at the evolution of my av from n00b to now… glad I invested in some better skins, though of course I also learned how to take better pictures!
Sapphire, n00b and now

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