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Opensource Obscure commented with another link to be added to the ones I posted yesterday, Dusan Writer’s reply to Botgirl, Entitlement, copybot and virtual worlds. Again, much good discussion in the comments there.

I’m not going to wade in to all of the things brought up in that post and the comments as I’m stressed out dealing with moderator issues elsewhere on the internet right now. I will just point out one contradiction I see arising in these arguments, concerning “virtual property” and Second Life.

Dusan Writer, and others, stress that the items we buy on Second Life are not real property. Yet at the same time, others are encouraging us to regard them as property, in much of the talk about content “theft”. No wonder there’s so much disagreement, and confusion.

I also think it is natural and indeed healthy for these topics to be controversial subjects. We’re out on the frontiers of an evolving world, and the current legal apparatus doesn’t necessarily address that world in the way we think it should, whether we’d rather it be more strict or more lenient towards certain positions. Debate and discussion is not only healthy, I’d say it’s vital. Accusations that people are trying to “destroy” Second Life by posting their views on blogs and in comments are both ludicrous and pathetic.

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A few links

Various posts on property etc. on Second Life today: Tateru Nino writes about Property, Second Life, backups and you, and Botgirl follows her Virtual Property Rights Manifesto: Consumers, Copybots and Common Sense post with a quiz on The Moral Roots Behind Our Positions on Copybots. Lots of interesting discussion amidst the comments.

I took the morality quiz and scored very similarly to Botgirl, except lower on authority and a touch higher on harm and fairness. I’m not sure how much insight these results give into our views on copybots and related issues, though, as they don’t explore what we mean by harm, or fairness. Still, I’d be curious to see if people who disagree with my views on the topic have a significantly different set of scores.

And concerning disagreement, thanks to people like Shava Nerad for the discussion on my “content theft” post. I’ll let you go read the comments there if you want to know more of my thoughts and opinions!

Someone on Twitter expressed the hope that the one hostile comment wouldn’t put me off blogging. Don’t worry, the disagreements I’ve had with people over Second Life pale to a ghost in comparison to the early days of usenet groups and mailing lists, and indeed to certain communities on LiveJournal now! I’m a newbie to SL blogging, and still a relative n00b to Second Life, but my flame retardant jacket has stood up to many years of hostile encounters on the rest of the net. 😀

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