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Naughty me, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged… My SL bunny rabbits are taking up all my time!

And for all my fellow Ozimals bunny addicts, here’s something really cute I got the other day… the Bunnymoon Suite, an adorable little set of accessories to pose your bunnies with.

Bunnymoon Suite

As you can see, the Bunnymoon Suite comes with a cute little bed for your bunnies to curl up on, a hot tub for them to relax in, a table with wine, a shower, and an animated sitting pose so you can pet the bunnies on their bed. I was impressed with the high quality of the build and textures – the bed even comes with four choices of colours, themed to the seasons and accessible via a scripted menu.

To be honest, my bunnies take up so many of my prims that I don’t put a lot of accessories out on my breeding patch, as it’s up in the air where no one sees it. But the Bunnymoon Suite is so irresistible I just had to use it, so the bunnies in my baby sale pen are now sitting comfortably on their bed, and chilling out in the hot tub.

Bunnymoon Suite bed
Bunnymoon Hot Tub

You can get the Bunnymoon Suite on xstreetsl, or come and see it inworld and buy it from the vendor at Green Acres Bunny Market.

And on the topic of Ozimals bunnies, Green Acres Bunny Market now has a bunny newbie help and info center. New to breedable bunnies, and want FAQ notecards covering the basic points of how to pick your new bunny, how to breed them, which furs are the more rare, and what price you can expect to sell them for? Come and get ’em!


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I’ve noticed a few searches from people trying to find information on how to breed bunnies in second life, so here’s what you need to know!

What do I need for my Ozimals bunny to breed?

You need a male and a female bunny, aged 4 or older. They must be eating level 2 food or above, and not in cooldown (which they go into after having a baby, or after being switched from level 1 to level 2 or above food).

Then, they have to have the right stats: they must be at 100% love, have 75% happiness or above, and 25% or higher energy. They must also be within range of each other.

If your virtual bunnies fulfill these requirements and aren’t producing a nest, it helps to bond them (under the interaction menu). You don’t need to own both rabbits, you can bond yours to a friend’s, so long as they accept the bond request. They must also be awake, on the ground (not held), and there must be at least 1 other prim on the parcel. And they must have at least 1 generation left.

You can get certain boosters from the Ozimals store to help your bunnies get these stats – the Happy Stump increases happiness for bunnies in its range, and the red bunneh drink increases energy. There are others, but these are the ones I find most helpful.

Check the manual for full info!

What about Ozimals bunnies pricing?

How much you can sell your nests or babies for depends on many factors – the market varies from day to day, and a bunny that’s worth 8000L one week can be worth 2500L the next.

Opal's identical daughter sold for 8000L!

In general, the more recessive the trait, the more desirable the bunny. A pure white Holland lop with lop ears and gem eyes can still get you 8k. Chinchilla, lynx, castor, opal, fawn, and black otters are also desirable, particularly if they’re radiant or silky, or have other uncommon features. Classic lops are currently going for around 1000 – 1600L.

At the other end of the market, a plain classic nest goes for between 150L and 300L, and you can find classic adults with 7 or 8 breeding generations left for about 200L.

Another factor influencing the market is fur retirements. Ozimals have just retired the Black Havana and Chocolate Mini Rex furs, meaning they will no longer be available in bunnies bought direct from Ozimals. This means they can only be bought from a breeder, making prices go up.

By the time you read this, these prices may be totally inaccurate. Really the only way to judge how to price your nests and rabbits is to have a look around the markets, and at group notices, and see what other people are asking. I recommend the Bunny Ranchers and Bunny Advertising Network groups – you can look through past notices to see what’s available right now. Also, the official Ozimals community forums. And these are also where you want to go to post your ads, so people know what you’ve got for sale.

And come on over to Sapphire’s Bunny Farm to take a look at my nests and bunnies for sale!

Wes, dreaming

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Bunny Business

The one thing my Second Life has lacked is a decent pet – I love dogs, so I’ve been holding out for someone to make a really good Irish or English Setter. So when I saw a couple of Ozimals bunnies at a friend’s, I had to get a pair – Wes and Winifred, brownie points to anyone who knows who they were named after! Then another friend gave me her 3 bunnies, and I realized if I was going to have baby bunnies I’d need more prims, so off I went to rent a bigger plot.

Now I’m a little afraid to count my bunnies, because yes, they can breed, and they’re positively addictive. So I started a Bunny Farm, to start selling some of them off.

Me and Fudge the bunny

Ozimals bunnies are my new favourite toy. They have dominant and recessive genes passed on from the parents, so you don’t know exactly what kind of baby you’re going to get, though the more you breed a pair the more idea you get what they’re likely to produce. They come in all sorts of furs, coats, colours, and eye colours, and three kinds of ears. You can turn animations down to save on lag if you have a lot (like me!), or just let them hop around with ears flopping as they go. They don’t need pens or hutches, but they do need food and water (which starts at 99L for one non-breeding pet bunny for a month). And they do eventually die – which is a great reason to get two and breed!

It’s a brand new market so prices are fluctuating all over the place right now. You can get a classic bunny for around 300L, but the really special ones (radiant, lop eared, gem eyed, or in greatly desired colours like all white) can go for thousands. And no, they don’t quite breed like bunnies – you have a few days to wait in between breeding time, and they produce one bunny nest at a time.

But most of all, they’re cute. I never got the whole Sion chickens thing, but Ozimals bunnies are completely darling. They even dream.

Lop eared and dreaming bunnies

If you want to see the bunnies, or learn more about them, come on over to Sapphire’s Bunny Farm, where you’ll get a FAQ notecard which should answer your questions. Also feel free to IM me for any more info! And if you want a bunny and let me know you’ve come via Twitter or my blog, I’ll be sure to give you a good price.

You can also get all the information you need from the official Ozimals Bunny Manual.

I’ve also got to give Ozimals major kudos for their terrific customer support. The official Ozimals Orations and Updates group is full of friendly and helpful people, and when SL was borking last week and one of my bunny nests (which new baby bunnies are born from) vanished, I filed a support ticket with Ozimals and they responded and replaced the missing nest within 10 minutes!

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