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So okay, that last post hit a raw nerve with some people, so I thought I should clarify a few things that I believe about Second Life.

I believe in paying content creators for their products. I absolutely love the huge range of creativity people show on SL, from the fashions to the builds and the scripting. I believe in supporting the people whose work I like by buying their goods, and tipping their venues. I believe in recommending the best people and places to others, too; and in helping newbies; and tipping performers and hosts.

The creativity is what draws me to Second Life, along with the community. In the wider world, the arts are not sufficiently valued IMO, and it’s hard for many creative types to get by doing the kind of work that brings them fulfillment, let alone joy. If they don’t also happen to have good business and marketing skills, they’re pretty screwed. On SL it helps to have business and marketing skills too of course, but on a smaller scale you can make at least enough money for your SL life without having to put in an investment besides your skill and your time. If you do want to rent, you can find rental space that you can pay for with perhaps an hour’s work at a Second Life job – very much unlike in real life!

There’s no element of force involved in your economic activities in Second Life. You do not have to rent a home. You do not have to buy food or pay heating bills. You can wander and explore and enjoy yourself purely with freebies; or you can put some real money in to it, or you can work or create to raise your lindens. It’s entirely up to you.

It’s a great feeling when someone buys something you’ve made. It’s an affirmation of the time you’ve put in to it, and perhaps of your art. Few of my products sell for a high price, but I also make L$ hosting, and I love being able to support SL’s creators by spending my L$ at their stores.

Pointing out that copyright infringement is not legally theft should not be taken as downplaying the problem of those who infringe copyright for their personal profit by reselling items. It is pointing out a matter of correct legal terms and definitions, not defending a practise. It matters, because the confusion on the question muddies the waters of all kinds of important issues, which go far beyond copying things on SL.

I also believe that although it’s against the terms of service, it is fair use and not unethical to back up your own inventory for your own use.

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